General Questions

Game Roster believes online games are better when they are played with friends, reliable players, and tight-knit communities that share common interests. We offer tools to help you find those players, build great communities, and organize online gaming events.

Game Roster’s Paid 2 Play program selects one random player each month that participants in any Game Roster event and awards them $100 via PayPal. Each time you play a game you get an incremental chance to win. The more you play the better your odds. Winners must have a Twitter account linked to their Game Roster profile, which can be set on the My Profile page, and must be following Game Roster on Twitter (@GameRoster), which is where the winners will be announced. This program helps reward active players, teams, and clans. We believe that teams and clans that play together grow together across an endless number of titles.

Yes. We have mobile apps that complement the use of the site. They let you quickly organize events and much more. Over time, we will enhance these apps and integrate all our site's features into the apps. You can find the apps and more information in the Apple App Store (https://apple.co/2F3Tti1) or Google Play Store (http://bit.ly/2HgUWCm).

We believe LFG sites and in-game matchmaking are great for quickly matching you up with random players. Game Roster lets you organize events within communities of players you already like and trust. Our rosters let you schedule games in advance, automatically schedule recurring events, track invitations, rate players, automatically block trolls, measure cancelation rates, and keep everyone in sync with changes using real time notifications and our Discord bot.

Game Roster lets you post and share events across all platforms and includes a Discord bot, a PayPal API for donations, and Twitch commands. Gaming stats, communication tools, and clan information has been increasingly scattered across multiple websites, game publishers, game systems, streaming platforms, and chat applications. We aggregate all these into a central hub for your community so you can grow beyond the limits of any one game or service.

Our Discord Bot adds a clan LFG to your server for an endless number of online game titles and helps distribute clan event information. It automatically refreshes based on your settings and syncs all clan events to the server you choose. Games posted on your Game Roster app, site, or through the Discord bot itself will show up on Discord for members join. The bot includes commands that let members post events and see a list of all upcoming events. Type !about in your Discord server for a full list of features and instructions.

You can join as many clans as you want. Our filters help you find the best clan for your style but you can create your own clan at any time if you don’t see the type of community you are looking for. Note you can see all the events across all your clans on the My Clans screen.

Online gaming lag can increase based on your location to another player. We help you select clans, players, and games within the same time zone to help minimize lag. Having a similar time zone also makes it more likely that your play schedules will align with other players so that you have more time to play. Note, you can layer time zone filters with other filters for age, games, skill, patience, cancelation rates, and many other criteria to find ideal matches.

You have to be at least 13 years old to use Game Roster and must be at least 18 to receive donations. Donations are not available to residents of Puerto Rico.

We help turn viewers into more loyal and interactive members of your community with Twitch commands that let viewers organize events. You can also share your Twitch videos in the community page and add links to your Game Roster page in your Twitch profile. You can expect to see deeper integration over time.

Game Roster is free but we offer subscriptions for creating clans, the removal of ads, and some supporter perks. The full list of premium benefits can be found on our Features page (here).

All About Events

Clan Events let you organize games that are exclusively available to the community’s members. Any member of a clan can join a clan event, but members must receive permission by the clan founder to post clan events. These games let you play with more reliable players since the founder has the ability to screen users they accept into the clan. You can see all the events from all your clans on the My Clans page.

Private Events let you organize games with players you select on your favorite players list. Private Event rosters are not visible to anyone other than those that are invited. Invitations will be sent to your messages inbox and show on the My Events page.

Public Events are a great way to recruit and find new players that match your filtered criteria. Anyone can post or join public game events but players not meeting your player preferences are automatically blocked from joining your games. You can find Public Events on the Public Games page and you can set player preferences on who can join from the Preferences tab in your My Account page.

Recurring Events let you automatically schedule an unlimited number of events for your clan.  Simply add them on your Edit Clan page and new instances of the event will be automatically added each week.  You can set up events for any game title and for multiple occasions like PVP sessions, recruitment, raids, or tournaments.  Recurring events take the hassle out of posting, assure that the clan always has events to join, and keep the clan activity rating high.  With the configuration of your Game Roster Discord bot, these events will also show on your Discord server so members can simply click on any event to join.

All event times are displayed based on your time zone. You can change your time zone on the My Account page. However, we let you filter for clan, players, and games using time zone so that you can find users that are closer by. This helps minimize lag and improves game play.

User and Clan Metrics

Clan activity level measures the number of events posted in the past 15 days and the next 15 days. Posting more events immediately increases your activity level and makes the clan more visible in search results and may promote the clan on the Home page.

Game Roster allows you to rate a player’s Personality, Skill, and Respect (i.e. PSR) to help other users identify great players. PSR reflects the total number of positive ratings the user has received on these attributes and is used to help screen players that may join your events. You can rate any player after you have played an event with them on the event’s Game Roster page or on the Rate Players page.

Respect measures the player’s attitude toward the team and other players. Reliability, punctuality, and the way the user treats others should factor into your respect ratings.

Experience, which is abbreviated as EXP on some parts of the site, reflects the total number of public and clan events a user has participated in. Looking at the ratio of PSR to Experience can be a useful way to screen players. Experience will not be granted for players that leave an event, are removed from an event, or are marked as a “No Show” for an event.

Cancelation Rate, which is abbreviated as CR on some parts of the site, reflects the percentage of public or clan events where the user has left a full Game Roster or has been reported as a “No Show”. Users can leave any event type prior to it being full without increasing their CR. Users can leave or cancel private events at any time without increasing their CR. Lower cancelation rates help you find more reliable players. However, this rate is not calculated until you complete three events.

How To Do This or That

Select Create Clan in the navigation menu to start your clan page, which will be created after you enter all the required information. You can revisit this page to change settings, add recurring events, review applications, ban users, and check member stats at any time by selecting Edit Clan in the navigation menu. Note, you will get an email after your clan is created with configuration tips and instructions.

New members in are automatically assigned the lowest rank when they join. You can customize the permissions for each rank on the Settings tab that is found on the Edit clan page, and set the rank for each member on the Members tab. Note that clan permissions are disabled for all members by default and must be adjusted for members to post events, notices, or chat.

The clan founder can activate or reset the Discord bot on the Game Roster Edit Clan page by selecting the "Configure Discord Bot" button, which is found in the Settings tab. The bot will automatically share all your clan events on the Discord server, let users post events, and provide commands that share information about upcoming events and the clan. Type !about in your Discord server for a list of instructions. Note, the clan founder must have administrative permissions on the Discord server to add the bot.

Our Discord bot is very flexible and can be removed or changed to support a different server at any time.  Select the "Reset Discord Configuration" button from inside the Discord Configuration window to remove the bot.  You can then reconfigure your bot with your new server by selecting the "Discord Bot Configuration" button on the Edit Clan page.

During the configuration process, you will be asked to sign into Discord.  However, if you have multiple Discord accounts you may be automatically signed into the wrong Discord account that is not associated with the server you are looking for.  We recommend logging out of Discord before you configure your Game Roster Discord bot.  Be sure to enter the credentials for the Discord account that has permissions for the Discord server you are looking for.  If you are having troubles we recommend logging out of Discord, resetting your Discord bot, and then reconfiguring the Discord bot. 

Yes, you can have multiple clans on the same Discord server and bot.  This is helpful if you are running a larger organization or if you have multiple smaller clans that want to share events in one area.  Use the same configuration process as detailed above to add an additional clan to your Discord server.  When you are done, events from all the clans will show up in the Discord channels you assigned during setup. 

You can add an unlimited number of recurring events on the Recurrent Events tab that is found on the Edit Clan page. This tool automatically creates new events each week until it is removed. However, you must manually delete any remaining clan events that you may no longer want posted. Note, you cannot edit recurring events but can easily remove the unwanted ones and add new events with updated information.

You can mark a player as “No Show” on the event’s Game Roster page. This will increase the user’s CR, prevent them from rating participants, and remove any Experience they would have gained through the events. Reporting “No Show” helps all users identify reliable players.

You can block users on their profile page, their player cards, or on an event’s game roster page. You can view your list of blocked players and remove blocks on the My Account page, where you can also set player preferences that automatically block players from joining your public games.

You can set filters for the types of messages you want to see on the Messages page or within the Preferences tab in the My Account page. Note that the mobile app has separate settings and includes options for what triggers your push notifications.


You can raise money for charities, clans, tournaments, or yourself with donations. Donation buttons will redirect users to PayPal to complete a private transaction. Game Roster is not involved in these transactions, which allows 100% of donations (net of any applicable PayPal fees) to go to the receiver.

No. PayPal will send you an email when you receive your first donation and will set up your account when you decide to access your funds.

No. Game Roster is not involved in processing your transaction. Donations are private transactions between users that occur on PayPal’s site, which is why your fees will go entirely to the recipient.

PayPal will disclose the name on your PayPal account and the primary email on your PayPal account when you send or receive a donation, which is why we encourage you to create a separate email without identifiable information that you can set as the primary email in your PayPal account. PayPal allows users to have multiple email addresses on a single account.